The wonders of Brett King Builders with an Unfinished Basement!

With the desire of relaxation and carefree fun, and the goal of a dedicated entertainment area for family and friends, our client’s attention focused on their unfinished basement. Their petition was for a partial kitchen/bar, full bathroom, several seating areas, and a specific ping-pong tablespace.

The commission was to design a floor plan to incorporate each specific desire within the utility occupied basement. Our process included relocating the heating and air conditioning units, water and drain lines, and central vac piping to maximize the existing ceiling height; and the stair landing was relocated to provide available space for a full bath. A custom kitchen, boasting of a myriad of unique features, was designed and installed; radiant heat was laid below the large flagstone floor tiles; and extensive copper and brickwork was incorporated throughout the vast interior.

Several obstacles stood in the way of producing the desired result, including the request for a drywalled ceiling verses a dropped ceiling, which meant all water lines had to be raised and mechanicals strategically relocated. The location of the multiple support posts were considered and planned for with great intentionality, and modifying the stair landing called for the first-floor steel support beam to be altered. All challenges were met and conquered successfully, producing a sought after and crowd-pleasing end result.

As desired, a variety of relaxing activities can now be enjoyed simultaneously in this newly created and inviting entertainment space. The pristine selections and finishes chosen add to the welcoming atmosphere created within these secluded walls. The diversely renovated area calls for all to come and relax in style and comfort.

Unfinished Basement Images

Finished Basement Images

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