Kitchen Remodeling

Brett King Builder’s Kitchen Remodeling – A Work of Art! Serving Tranquility at its best! Our clients longed for a kitchen environment that radiated peace. Exhausted by the noise of the existing colors, they desired a large, bright, updated space that could handle a second cook, all within the existing walls of their house. The […]

Basement Remodeling

The wonders of Brett King Builders with an Unfinished Basement! With the desire of relaxation and carefree fun, and the goal of a dedicated entertainment area for family and friends, our client’s attention focused on their unfinished basement. Their petition was for a partial kitchen/bar, full bathroom, several seating areas, and a specific ping-pong tablespace. […]

Historic Brick Row Home

A Modern, Honored Echo Our clients fell in love with the compact simplicity of this historic brick row home. As much as they were originally drawn to its very basic design, the hope was for a more spacious and edgier feel that was conducive to entertaining. The owners hoped to highlight the old, and introduce […]

Building The Dream

by Mary Beth Schwartz The design of today’s home is constantly evolving. According to Houzz, houses of 2016 are implementing a few concepts. In the entryway, homeowners want heated floors and a farmhouse look with storage cubes and benches. For the bath, statement mirrors and extra large format tiles are in. As for the powder […]