How we’re different

Let’s be honest- Contractors don’t have the best reputation.

Did you know

One of the top 3 complaints every year on “Consumer Reports” is contractors?

Maybe you know contractors who promise the moon and change the price for your project in the end. Contractors who don’t show up on time. Contractors who leave their tools, trash, and dust all over your home. Or those who start strong but never actually complete the job.
So, yeah, we know some contractors have bad reputations, but we’re confident that we’re different. Let us explain why.
Over the past 40 years of being in business we’ve learned a lot about listening to our customers and learning about what’s genuinely important to them. We’ve also learned what it takes to complete a project that far surpasses our client’s expectations.
Here are 5 ways our clients say we’re different:


First and foremost, your project is not just a job site, it’s your home.

The thought of having someone else in your home and your personal space can sometimes be a challenge. However, we constantly strive to treat you and your home with respect.
What this means is that, whenever needed, we’re going to use a temporary dust barrier wall, drop-clothes, and HEPA certificated air purifiers.
In addition to this, our craftsman will sweep their areas at the end of each day and any tools that remain with be organized and stacked neatly. Before every weekend, we’ll do an ever deeper clean. Furthering our commitment to cleanliness, we made commitment years ago that we would provide and use a portable toilet on the job site so we’ll never have to use your’s. Upon completion of the renovation, your project space is scrubbed, cleaned, and vacuumed thoroughly.
We know that renovations to your home can be disruptive and we want to do as much as possible to minimize this impact.


The success of your home renovation project is based on communication and organization.
We have a very robust project management communication system in place that handles every aspect of your project. What this means for you is clear expectation. Starting with the first consultation, we will set clear explain what each of the following meetings will look like. Once we begin working together, you’ll be given access to your own client portal, giving you instant access to see project schedules, review options, ask any questions, and see updated budget reports. We’ve worked very hard to put these new processes into place because we want to keep you informed. We want you to not only love the space you renovate but also the process.


We’ve been in business for nearly 40 years and you can sleep easy knowing we’ll still be around for a few decade more. We’re a small, family company with a father-son team at the helm. Brett King, the original founder of the company, has never lost his passion to be on the job site or swinging a hammer. You’ll still find him 5 days a week, not only overseeing a project, but also working alongside our team transforming homes. Every home and client we work with is special to us and not just another job.
You won’t find a salesmen at your first consultation who you’ll never see again.
Our small team will both work and walk with you every step of the way.
Once you talk with the Brett King Builder office, you’ll meet Nathan King who will meet you at your first consultation, and he’ll continue working with you from the design-planning process of your project all the way through our “Thank You” meeting at the end of the project.


Maybe you don’t quite know where to start?
Maybe you’ve seen a lot of pretty pictures on HOUZZ or Pinterest but you’re struggling to figure out what the final design will be. Pulling everything together can be really overwhelming. Or maybe you know exactly what you want, but finding someone you trust to do is a struggle. Whichever camp you’re in, all the moving parts of your home renovation and finding a trustworthy company can be tricky.
Rest assured, you’re not the only one in your shoes. You will often hear our team say that we want to hold you by the hand through every aspect of your project. We truly love what we do and nothing bring us more joy than coming alongside you and helping you accomplish the dreams that you have for your home. We’re blessed with an amazing team of highly-skilled, innovative, and experienced craftsmen with countless years of awards in their resumes.
When you start working with us, you’ll be assigned a personal design consultant who will help you with selection of fixtures, tile, cabinetry, and even paint colors. We even produce our own renderings, drawings, and, when necessary, 3D walk-throughs. All of this is done to make you feel comfortable and to help you know what to expect with the finished project.


Lastly, we value our values, especially that of excellence.
Once you get to know us, you’ll see what we’re talking about— we don’t compromise.
No matter the size of your project, I can assure you there’s no project worth compromising our integrity. We also don’t take your trust in us lightly— and we’ll be good steward of that trust. Our business is centered on honoring God as the cornerstone of our company. Whether its building a house or building our lives we strive to build upon a solid foundation and keep God as the cornerstone of our business.


Now that you know a little more about us, your next step is to give our office a call or fill out the contact section at the bottom of this page. You can expect us to ask a variety of initial questions to get to know you better learn how we can serve you best.
Our team is ready to impress you! Let’s get started!