Project Details:

  • Project Ageless Stone
  • Category Kitchen
  • Clients Kurt & Amy Kremser
  • Location Doylestown, PA
  • Project Year 2019

Project Highlights

Though it’s difficult to picture now, this Doylestown Borough kitchen was once dark, outdated, and considerably small. Locked into a floor layout very common in many old farmhouses, this family of 5 had outgrown the space.
They desired a larger kitchen that was more centrally located to the home and a larger living room area to gather in as a family as well.
Previously the historic stone which is visible today was hidden behind walls that told no story of the home’s historical age or charm. However, the homeowner wanted to be able to see this stone from the interior, just as it’s displayed on the exterior of their home. These impressive stone walls made moving things around complex.
As it was, the kitchen was separated from the living area, another common feature of old farmhouses. But after a new 2-story addition was added to the back of the home, a larger living space was born and the stone was patched, repointed, and now shines brightly with all the charm that natural stone can afford.
Today the kitchen feels open and welcoming, ready for large gatherings or simply a weekend breakfast with their large family. It feels light and bright with it’s cool colors, natural countertops, and ample lighting. The ageless stone on the walls of this home was brought to life once again after years of being hidden away.

After Photos