Bedminster Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation – “Construction to the Core”


About this Project

      Our clients centuries old stone farmhouse was clearly built for functionality only, with no thought of design.  A prime example was their second story guest bathroom. Being practical is fine, however our clients desired their restored period home to host a more welcoming and inviting restroom for visitors to enjoy. They were ready to do whatever it took to make it right once and for all.  In order to correctly accomplish the task, this little space  being stripped to it’s core, would undergo an extensive overhaul from the inside out. 

     While the rest of their estate had been previously refurbished, this little bathroom had not been included and appeared as a noticeable misfit among the other tastefully done renovations. It screamed out utter embarrassment to our clients. The layout was unappealing, existing ceilings were too low and uncomfortable feeling, current tub, shower and old linoleum flooring were uninviting, drain lines functioned poorly, plumbing was primitive galvanized piping, and fixtures were shamefully out-dated.  

     An aggressive plan to set right all problems was put into action. The obvious changes were made: the wall plaster and floor covering was removed, the toilet was relocated, and a tile shower with new fixtures installed. However far-reaching renovations took place below the surfaces as well.  


    Hidden beneath and out of sight, lay the not-so-obvious changes that were to be addressed. Due to varied factors, both the floor and ceiling beams and floor boards had to be carefully removed and replaced. The existing AC unit and its corresponding plumbing in the attic above had to be strategically altered in position.  New electrical and plumbing  lines were discreetly run. The multiple challenges presented were masterfully met and effectively conquered.    

     With no surface in the guest bath left untouched, consistency within the period home has been established. The original style is enhanced and the structure improved as all issues were diligently addressed down to the smallest detail. The once little awkward guest bath in the corner of the second floor, now makes a proud statement of preserved honor, securely set in stone.   

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