Newtown Bathroom Renovation – “Simplistic Tranquility”


About this Project

      Being well settled into marriage and a very active family life, our clients were ready for change; an in-house restful retreat space! The master bathroom of their 15-year-old reproduction colonial farmhouse was to undergo a massive renovation. A complete change was desperately desired. They wanted to establish an extraordinarily restful retreat area that would provide an air of soothing quiet to their distractingly noisy lifestyle. The space would be given a totally different look in design and décor, unlike any other room in the home. It was determined the renovated area was to incorporate contemporary simple lines, establishing a soothing peaceful appeal. They did not want to see the clutter of any grills, ducts or fans. A clear, clean easy-on-the-eye space was the goal. By day’s end, the couple wanted to enter a different world away from the bustling busyness of life.


      Detailed plans were drawn up and the project proceeded. The entire bathroom and adjoining dressing area were gutted from floor to ceiling down to the existing 2×4” s. cabinetry and all fixtures including the shower, tub, sinks and toilet were removed. Radiant heat was installed prior to new tile flooring. Preset windows were replaced with new relocated ones. frosted glass partition walls were constructed. For the shower, custom colored 1” glass mosaic tile was used, and an innovative frameless glass surround were crafted into place. A large recessed linen cabinet was designed. Custom made cabinetry with smooth lines was meticulously fitted into the redesigned dressing area. All decisions made, led to the goal of simple, uncluttered lines, invisible ductwork of any kind and relaxing color.

      The challenges were many with this highly specific bathroom renovation. The four interior walls scheduled to be removed all turned out to be bearing walls. Structural beams had to be strategically placed to support the ceiling above. Ensuring there was no evidence of air conditioner, heat, return ducts presented several challenges. Accurately lining up the ceiling track for the new glass shower door with the Corian curb bon the color was critical. Perfection was the only option. The custom double sinks were to be hung with no evidence of fasteners.

      Remodeled differently in every way than typical to a traditional farmhouse, the homeowners enter their newly redesigned space. Symbolically, they step out of the fast-paced family life and into a quieter, simpler world, offering soothing serenity and priceless peace.

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