Bedminster Historic Addition – “The “Wright” Way”

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Nestled neatly off a secluded country road stood this neglected farmhouse find. Our clients were confident of its potential, however, unsure of the process. The interior boasted of nothing more than an array of small, disconnected, uninviting rooms in desperate need of major change. Being their private weekend residence, our clients desired more open space, providing a relaxing get-away as well as comfortable entertaining. They also wanted the entire renovations done with the “Wright” style in mind, yet upon first sight of the house, desired it’s exterior to remain the period look.

Franklin Lloyd Wright, whose architectural influences were evidenced from the turn of the 20th century to the mid-teens, was known for his use of geometric shapes in glass and woodwork. Unlike our forefather’s farmhouse, Wright’s buildings were open, informal shelters with a flow-through floor plan. To Wright, the inherent differences of each structure would be the individual design made to fit the needs of each client and the attributes of each site. Each home was based on a geometric grid.

With the desires and fundamental concepts expressed, initial plans were transformed, and the project was under way. Extensive renovation took place as ground was broken and block laid for an “L” shaped addition in the back of the house, virtually out of driveway view. A stone chimney and fireplace were erected; a low ceiling lifted, dormers added, an exterior wall opened, and multiple areas of plaster removed, exposing the original stonework.

Various challenges throughout were raised, met and solutions found. From start to finish, incorporating the “Wright” style was a continual consideration. Existing locations of the power line to the house, and the properties private water well, were addressed by a re-routing process. An unsuspected amount of rot and deterioration was discovered and repaired in the exterior wall prior to building the new chimney. In meeting our client’s desire, specific planning took place to change the sunroom’s original flat ceiling to vaulted. Difficulties presented themselves in the various sections of stone exposure. Challenges involved properly incorporating and waterproofing the second level balcony, built to insure a private overlook of the site from the master bedroom. The existing siding of the centuries old addition was no longer available, so careful removal ensured to reinstall it for completion.

The specially designed plans allowing for more open space to walk, work, rest and unwind had been accomplished. Our clients’ expectations were exceeded. Relaxing in their weekend escape, surrounded by soothing country colors, simply put, just feels like the “Wright” place to be.