Project Details:

  • Project Farmhouse Porch – Stone Revealed
  • Category Exteriors
  • Clients Mick & Angela Edwards
  • Location Furlong, PA
  • Project Year 2019

Project Highlights

This 1850’s Furlong farmhouse boasts charm galore both inside and out, but the back of its home was one area that called for attention.
Though it was “just” the back of the home, the house sits close to the road making this area very visible and affecting the farmhouse’s curb appeal.
The facade of this home was once covered in plaster, but after designing the perfect plan, the beautiful historic stone was exposed.
Exterior doors from the living room had existed but led to nothing and therefore the backyard was being utilized because of the lack of entrance.
With the new design, the entrance, stone landing, overhang, and columns seem purposely and original– even though they were just recently added by the Brett King Builder team.

After Photos