Project Details:

  • Project Grand Textured Charm
  • Category Kitchens
  • Clients XXX
  • Location Bedminster, PA
  • Project Year XXX

Project Highlights

New home ownership launched the agenda for the kitchen renovating of this previously remodeled historic home. The new owners did not care for the existing style, the disconnectedness to the rest of the house, the feeling of confinement or the lack of natural light. Year-round entertainment was extremely important to the new owners as they desired to see their guests arriving as well as connect their eat-in kitchen to the outside patio. It would be critical to use all organic materials.

An aggressive plan was presented involving vertically opening the space with a cathedral ceiling, reclaiming the original stone wall for the interior of the kitchen and providing a window wall of glass leading to the outside. Carefully chosen one-of-a-kind custom cabinet pieces and accent lighting each possessed their own story of creation leading to a most unique outcome.

The project overflowed with challenges at every level. Removing the second floor and keeping the roof intact involved precise structural calculations. It was significantly difficult to install the massive roof tresses into place within the walls of the existing structure. The immense size of the timbers made joinery a major challenge. The original exterior stone wall within the existing kitchen had been covered by an interior framed wall. It was removed to reveal the period stone. The challenge to locate matching stone came when the wall was to be extended for the remodeled kitchen layout. The installation of the highly customized cabinets allowed expert craftsmanship to shine. Meeting and conquering all challenges, great and small resulted in a jaw-dropping outcome for all to admire.

The new, naturally bright and airy remodeled kitchen demands attention, throwing the innocent viewer into visual overload. Innovation is on obvious display at every angle. The homeowners who can now see their incoming guests can comfortably and easily entertain them inside or out. With distinctive detail visible in every inch of their renovated space, conversation will never be lacking.

Once the wall was removed, a large I beam was tediously installed to carry the roof load of the extended space. Radom width reclaimed natural hickory became the new floor surface in the remodeled kitchen. Two custom-made pendent lights illuminate the oversized contemporary wood slab table. The shades housing the lights were delicately crafted out of specifically grown, shaped and harvested giant mushrooms.

After Photos