Project Details:

  • Project Huge impact on a small space
  • Category Historic Renovations
  • Clients Darshan
  • Location Doylestown, PA
  • Project Year 2017

Project Highlights

Our clients fell in love with the compact simplicity of this historic brick rowhome. As much as they were originally drawn to its very basic design, the hope was for a more spacious and edgier feel that was conducive to entertaining. The owners hoped to highlight the old, and introduce the new. Their desire to offer hospitality was behind the need for a bedroom and bath for out of town guests, and a private master suite for themselves. With a variety of very specific desires, the homeowners were excited to discover all the remodeling potentiality and possibilities that existed for their old house.
Once their wish list was defined, a detailed plan was put into place and work began. The aggressive strategy to provide more space in the limited footprint meant using the available alley-way between the neighboring twin home. The basement entrance on the first floor was relocated to the exterior of the home, freeing up that first floor space. Both interior chimneys were removed on the first floor, capturing further significant space, and an open-air handcrafted steel staircase replaced the massive enclosed flight of steps. A multitude of various modifications were completed on the second floor, including the desired guest accommodations. The unfinished third floor, housing the heater, became a master suite with bedroom, bathroom, closet, and office space.
Many intricate and challenging details were tackled throughout this period-home makeover, including securing Historic Council approval on replacement windows; moving the exterior wall; a modern solution for the first floor staircase; eliminating the interior chimneys; creatively planning the efficient use of all space; creation of the master bath; and refurbishing the old brick and replumbing/rewiring of this decades old structure. Although extensive and involved, each challenge was met with great success, exceeding the clients’ expectations.
This modest dwelling was transformed into a dream mansion for the homeowners. They are passionately enthusiastic about its clever and efficient design, and adore the sassy new charm. Just as desired, the remodeled historic structure thoroughly showcases the best of the past as it embraces modern living. Now with confident eagerness, this renovated residence is happily ready to house and host family and friends.

After Photos

Before Photos