Project Details:

  • Project Innovation Explosion
  • Category Kitchens
  • Clients XXX
  • Location Newtown, PA
  • Project Year XXX

Project Highlights

Our clients longed for a kitchen environment that radiated peace. Exhausted by the noise of the existing colors, they desired a large, bright, updated space that could handle a second cook, all within the existing walls of their house. The present kitchen was situated in an inconvenient location within the home, creating a long walk from the garage to unload groceries. They envisioned a solution to this problem, and were ready to say goodbye to the extremely dark and dated primitive style to realize a fresh, transitional design, abundant in open space and natural light.The new floor plan relocated the kitchen to the existing family room. Extensive changes required to transition this space included designing a new window orientation on every wall; raising the sunken floors to create a smooth interaction and flow from room-to-room; and designing a strategic lighting plan to illuminate and accent the remodeled area. This and other very specified requirements were central to the design, and incorporated into the layout of the new space. Tasked with a sleek and streamlined end result, design and structural details were the major challenges for this remodel.

This required recessing beams spanning great distances; relocating and hiding the heat and air conditioning ducts; and installing recessed and automated window shades that were invisible when retracted. Extensive and complex planning was involved in the new room layout, with all challenges conquered in inventive and innovative ways. The newly renovated kitchen, with its redesigned windows, compares to a walk outside without the inconvenience of inclement weather! With space enough for two cooks and beyond, family and guests now enjoy endless luxuries in this uncluttered transitional design of smooth lines, refreshing and feeding the spirit and calming all who enter. Bon Appetit!

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