Upper Black Eddy Barn Rehab – “From Animals to Luxury”


About this Project

As part of their rolling hills estate, our customers dreamed of converting their historic barn into welcoming guest quarters. Their passion for preservation, prompted the decision to keep intact as much as possible of the 200-year-old structure. The desire for modern amenities, energy efficiency, blending clean-line contemporary with primitive as well as the ultimate country comfort for their out-of-town guests, steered design ideas for the project.

The remodeling process began in the existing lower lever and worked its way up past the aged ceiling beams. To achieve more head room in the bed and bath areas and to hide all utilities and duck work, the lower level dirt floor was dug 10” deeper. An open floor layout that incorporated all the desired living space was put into action. The floors, walls and ceiling were insulated with spray foam urethane to help eliminate dampness, maximize heating efficiency and provide ultimate comfort.

The challenges presented by this landmark barn were relentless. Designing a floor plan to incorporate all their desires, involved immense planning and creativity. Underground rock encountered while digging out the lower lever, had to be jack hammered. Only one opportunity was available to accurately plot out all hidden utility lines prior to spray foaming and covering the new floor with concrete. Likewise, on the upper levels, precise calculations were in demand for keeping all utility lines out of sight without interrupting exterior walls or constructing obtrusive boxed in areas. Interior framing had to be carefully placed to adequately expose the original beams. These challenges were all successfully faced as they were approached as varied opportunities for creative alternatives.

Visitors to the property’s small stately homestead can now stretch out and feel at home away from home in the specifically customized old barn, the sense of “rolled back” time is simultaneously paired with “progressed forward.” No competition exists between the two, only purposeful, dedicated distinction.

Moving with comfortable ease from the master bedroom into the luxury bath, the historic structure takes on an updated feel without jeopardizing the home’s antiquity. Within the marble-enveloped space, the homeowners enjoy an overflow of modern amenities. The completed ensuite bath provides an ongoing delight both at the start and close of each new day. 

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