Project Details:

  • Project Farmhouse Mudroom Addition
  • Category Additions
  • Clients Kurt & Meghan Krause
  • Location Doylestown, PA
  • Project Year 2020

Project Highlights

Like many houses, this Doylestown home lacked a defined entrance to their home, a mudroom, and additional storage. It featured 2 possible entrances to the home, making the decision of which was the “front door” difficult for guests.
To help clarify this, an attention-grabbing new overhang and entrance were added to the home.
However, being that this home was one of the oldest in Doylestown with an impressive barn, historic trees, and natural gardens, a flashy, modern addition wouldn’t do.
Instead, an entrance was added that replicated much of the charm present in other areas of the exterior of the home.
Upon entering the home, beams were installed along the ceiling that suggests the structure has existed for generations. These beams were actually taken from the historic barn on the property.
On the floors, authentic, reclaimed Chicago brick was laid, continuing the aged, historic feel of the space while still giving it a fresh, bright aesthetic.
A mudroom with bench seating and ample storage was incorporated, leading to a light, bright dining room and kitchen. Now the home boasts an impressive, clearly defined entrance to a home fit for such a welcome.

After Photos

Before Photos