Lumberville Addition – “Viewing Backyard Paradise”

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Neatly nestled into the foot of a mountain, our client’s 150 year old home felt cramped. With a road right outside their front door, neighbors tightly tucked on each side and the mountain slope for their backyard, our clients wanted to maximize their living space within. As the present working kitchen did not lend itself to a sit-down mealtime environment, they had always desired a dining room. Also their master bedroom was snug and rather plain in design and could not provide them the romantic private paradise of their dreams. Introducing as much natural light into the new proposed space was of high priority. Arch top windows were a specific desire. They greatly wanted the finished project to take full advantage of the backyard view as well as having a visual of the nearby river running in front. All renovations were to tastefully fit into the flow of the original structure, increasing its charm while adding practical functionality.

      A two-story addition that was artfully designed and specifically tailored to fit the existing home incorporated all our customer’s needs and desires. The back, side door off the present kitchen became the entrance into the new dining area.  A bank of four windows including French doors captured the entire back wall of the new room inviting the outdoors in. Directly above the newly established dining area housed the master bedroom expansion, dramatically highlighted by twin cathedral ceilings, two arched windows and a set of French doors with full side lights opening onto a step-out rout iron balcony.

Continual challenges presented themselves from the onset of this project. To gain access on and off the property while the work was being done, permission from the next door neighbors needed to be secured because the structures were in such close proximity each other. All construction had to take place without disturbing the fixed stone wall running the length of the proposed addition and within 36” of finished framework.  Normally used heavy machinery to assist in various tasks in the renovating project was unable to be utilized due to lack of space and the steep mountain slope directly off the back of the house. This resulted in the entire foundation needing to be dug by hand using jackhammers to break up the rock to insure the foundation would be the proper depth. In addition once off the delivery trucks, all windows and the two large double doors and sidelights were man-handled only, using creatively designed pulley systems. The detailed task of insuring the new blended undetectably with the old was an ongoing challenge.

       Project complete, the homeowners can experience a relaxed dining environment and then retire to a spacious master bedroom suite. Both renovated areas not only give the feeling of being outside, but provide the opportunity to simply turn a knob and take a step and really be there.