New Hope Historic Addition – “Uniquely Unique”

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With the great efforts our homeowners took to develop and maintain extensive landscaping on their wide-spread undeveloped property, they longed to enjoy the year round beauty from an indoor living space with an outdoor exposure. They desired a unique version of a sleeping porch, a charming architectural tradition highly valued at the turn of the 20th century. Several existing out buildings on their original farmland were renovated and repurposed. They desired the one final structure, sitting independent from the rest, to be preserved and become the crowned centerpiece of their updated 21st century sleeping porch.

As spring turned into summer, a symmetrical design was approved and work ensued. The preservation of this deteriorating historic building created many challenges and extensive restoration and tedious stabilizing followed.  Securing the structure’s integrity while honoring the past was part of every level of the renovation process, from below the ground’s surface to the rooftop. Once the building was fortified, the involved restoration painstakingly continued. When the intricate process began to graph in twin contemporary additions, further challenges were presented. Very specific desires such as walls constructed entirely of windows and invisible heat sources were incorporated into the design. With each obstacle successfully met, the homeowners’ wishes fulfilled, the new space was ready for occupancy.

In recreating the sleeping porch style fashioned from over a century ago, this remodel takes on an updated, contemporary flare. The side additions were built out of steel due to the desire for expansive windows and a limited amount of solid walls.  Aluminum framed glass panels encase the additions on three sides. A full screen accompanies each glass door.

Reclaimed local stone was brought in to create the base wall of the matching additions. The upper door is replaced with a classic window to increase the natural light. The broad and relaxing new space has an expansive reach from side to side with the main view from inside the renovation focused on the abundant manicured landscaping. The old building is free from the oppressive overgrowth and now has a clean and uncluttered entrance.

It was abundantly evident the neglected out-building had acquired a new purpose. Centering on the solid historic ground of this lone structure, and spreading to either side with minimalistic living, the redesign gracefully connected the past to the present. Whether they wish for a nighttime escape or a daytime refuge, our homeowners can take in all the sights, sounds and scents of their outdoor haven afforded by the comfort of their present-day sleeping porch.