We love remodeling homes, our small team of designers as well as craftsman, we know that a remodel is not complete unless we consider the design as a whole. A project is more than just creative reconfiguration of an interior space or quality construction. We believe that evaluating and understanding the interior design of a … Continue reading Interior Remodeling

When remodeling a kitchen, function and layout is of utmost importance. in addition to meeting practical needs and reflecting your taste, the space must also naturally flow with the rest of the home. When we design a kitchen, we start with asking you questions. The reason we feel this is an essential first step is … Continue reading Kitchen Remodeling

Although bathroom renovations can be small in footprint, experience has taught us that bathroom renovations oftentimes have the highest level of details in your home. As with all renovations, we believe that the planning stage of the project is equally as important as the execution and craftsmanship that goes into the final renovated space. Starting with our … Continue reading Bathroom Renovations

Brett King Builder has been designing and building residential home additions as well as any other home remodeling project since 1982. every project that we work on we carefully consider every detail in relation to the bigger picture: your whole home environment. taking the “big picture” into account, we love looking at how a home … Continue reading Additions

Since 1982 we have been blessed to have had countless opportunities to work on some of buck’s counties oldest and most beautiful homes. With the rich history of bucks county, pa there are many stone farmhouses and historic homes in need of either general repairs or major renovations. If you own a stone farmhouse or … Continue reading Historical Restoration