Since 1982 we have been blessed to have had countless opportunities to work on some of buck’s counties oldest and most beautiful homes. With the rich history of bucks county, pa there are many stone farmhouses and historic homes in need of either general repairs or major renovations. If you own a stone farmhouse or historic home you may understand how difficult it can be even to keep up with routine maintenance. 

Remodeling a farmhouse or historic home requires not only sensitivity towards original design and architectural history but also an understanding of the logistics involved with working through design objectives through construction. Throughout the years, the bkb team has gained extensive knowledge of the building codes, zoning and materials necessary to ensure any remodeling project runs smoothly and produces a truly seamless final result.

Your old home may feature architectural charm and unique details uncommon in today’s mass-produced homes, and yet it may also call for upgrades or revisions to suit your modern lifestyle. With the right design team who understand the delicate balance of merging the old with the new, you can remodel your historic home to fit your contemporary lifestyle, while still maintaining its original historic style and charm.

Whether you live in a stone farmhouse or historic home the style of your home, personal preference and lifestyle will help dictate the direction of the design. Custom design details and finishing touches are essential elements of a historic home remodel and help to create a finished home that looks and feels as though it belongs with the original home. The bkb team will carefully consider construction techniques and materials to ensure they are appropriate for your home’s architectural style. Understanding construction techniques from the past and how older homes were constructed is crucial in understanding how to restore and alter homes to 21st century living standards. 

Wondering where to start with your historic home renovation? Call us today to schedule a consultation where we can assure you we will listen first and then guide you through the many possibilities and opportunities you have in renovating your house to feel even more like home.

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Giving your home a new style every style

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