You and your family are getting ready to move into your new home. You know there are some changes, major changes, you want to make to the new home before you completely settle in. So the question is: Should you complete renovations before you move in or after you move in?

Benefits of Living On-Site

There are some considerations to moving in before or while renovations take place including cost concerns, travel, and keeping everything together in one spot. Living in your new home gives you the added benefit of knowing your home before you make changes. When living in a home for a bit before beginning work, you can find what does and doesn’t work for your family. This can help you fine-tune exactly what you want to change and fix in your home before work ever begins.

Cost savings is a huge factor in living at home where renovations are taking place. Some choose to live in their old home, carrying two mortgages while work is taking place in the new home. Others will choose to live in a Bed and Breakfast, a hotel, or short term rental until work has been completed. If renovations will take a while, this cost can quickly add up and become a large expense.

Travel time is another item to consider. You are there on-site every day to see track progress of work being completed and there isn’t any need to take time to drop by to see what is happening. You’ll already be there!

Progress. Some homeowners love to see the progress of changes as they happen. They can see the small changes that happen each and every day as work is completed.

The location of your belongings can make a difference. Rather than trying to figure out if the item you are looking for is boxed up in storage or back in the hotel room, you know all of your belongings are already at your new house.

Benefits of Living Off-Site

Perhaps, living away from the renovations might be to your benefit. Living in a construction zone can be stressful and if you have kids or pets, then there is even more to be concerned about. Living in another location can definitely have its benefits.

Reduce stress. Living at home during renovations can be stressful. There will be noise, construction, and continuous disruption in the house and not just in the areas where work is taking place. Living elsewhere gives you a chance to break away from the noise and chaos of a construction site. You’ll get some peace and quiet and a chance to breathe when living elsewhere.

Health of Kids and Pets is a concern when deciding to live elsewhere. The noise and inconvenience of living in a construction zone and the disruption they cause in daily routine may cause anxiety, sleep disturbances, and make even the most normal day feel more challenging. Kids and pets are also curious. Keeping an eye on them to ensure they don’t go into areas that are closed off or dangerous can add a little more stress in your day to day living.

Restrictions may be put in place during a renovation. Some areas of the house may be set as off-limits during construction work. Losing access to crucial rooms like the bathroom or kitchen can certainly make living in construction a lot harder.

Scheduling is a lot easier when you live off-site during renovations on your home. Your remodeling company can complete work quicker and more efficiently when there is no need to work around belongings or the homeowners.

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