When considering a remodel for your bathroom, the choice of material is paramount. Sure, the layout and design are important, but unless you choose quality material that is durable and water-resistant, you may end up having to redo the bathroom again.

Hot water, steam, and strong cleaning products—not to mention dirt and grime—are par for the course for bathrooms. In choosing the material, you should keep three things in mind: durability, affordability, and of course, aesthetic appeal. Let’s take a look at several aspects of your bathroom remodel and the types of materials that work best in each.

Bathroom Floors

There are several different materials to choose from for bathroom flooring, like cork, wood, porcelain tiles, natural stone, and vinyl. But when it comes to durability and a great ROI, natural stone and porcelain tiles are your best options.

Both stone and tiles are water-resistant and easy to clean. Stone is more expensive and can limit the possibilities in terms of colors and design, but it is easy to install and is long-lasting.

Tiles, on the other hand, offer endless possibilities in terms of design and color and are more affordable than stone. Your contractor can help you decide which material would be best suited to the kind of look you are going for with your bathroom floors.

Bathroom Countertops

For bathroom countertops, the most durable and affordable materials are quartz, granite, or marble. All three fall under a similar price point and offer a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from.

A lot of home remodelers opt for laminate as well, but it doesn’t have the touch of class that marble, quartz, or granite bring to the table (or countertop)!

Bathroom Fixtures

When choosing fixtures for your bathroom, you may be tempted to opt for something budget-friendly—higher-end faucets, showerheads, and knobs can feel like a luxury you can’t afford—but you won’t believe how much that affects the value of your home when it’s time to sell the house. Beautiful, expensive-looking bathroom and kitchen fixtures make a great first impression.

Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage consists of closets and cabinets. In an attempt to save money, you may be tempted to get particle board cabinets and closet doors. While particleboard is a bad idea anywhere, it’s especially terrible for a bathroom. It’s not water-resistant, and being constantly exposed to water and steam will warp and damage it quickly, leading to doors that won’t shut all the way. Invest in plywood cabinets and closet doors that are resistant to water damage and are also durable.

The Bottom Line

If you are redoing your bathroom, invest in materials that promise longevity, look sleek and stylish, and are also affordable.

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