The real estate market is red-hot in many parts of the United States and if you just bought a house, you probably have plenty of projects you want to tackle.

But it can be tough deciding on which ones you take on first. USA Today shared some tips to help you prioritize and get the renovations done.

Step one: Create an overall budget.

You want to have a maximum amount set that’s available for all the projects. You should also come up with a vision of how you want the home to eventually look. Painting is one of the low-cost and simple improvements that you can tackle early on. Changing or replacing the lighting in a room is also another improvement that can be done quickly.

Step two: Think about issues like the flooring. Planks that snap together give you an affordable option to upgrade the look of a room.

Step three: Bigger, more expensive renovations like projects in the kitchen or bathroom can get pretty pricey. In all, homeowners last year planned to spend $10,000 on renovations, so the key is to make sure you get the most out of your home improvement budget.

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